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A Curse Dark as Gold Charlotte Miller Has Always Scoffed At Talk Of A Curse On Her Family S Woolen Mill, Which Holds Her Beloved Small Town Together But After Her Father S Death, The Bad Luck Piles Up Departing Workers, Impossible Debts, An Overbearing Uncle Then A Stranger Named Jack Spinner Offers A Tempting Proposition He Can Turn Straw Into Gold Thread, For The Small Price Of Her Mother S Ring As Charlotte Is Drawn Deeper Into Her Bargains With Spinner And A Romance With The Local Banker She Must Unravel The Truth Of The Curse On The Mill And Save The Community She S Always Called Home

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    Let s just make this perfectly clear I loved this book Fairy tales retold are pretty much a sure thing with me, but this one s a humdinger You think you know Rumplestiltskin Think again.Elizabeth Bunce refers to her work as historical fantasy and she s dead on One of the main strengths of A Curs

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    I bought this book expecting to fall in love with it, and it did not let me down It was an incredible story, and my head is spinning with everything I want to say about it.First of all, I was touched before the story even began In Elizabeth Bunce s acknowledgements she says And lastly, to my husband, Chri

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    If you, like me, are hard pressed to find truly chilling gothic fiction, then A Curse Dark as Gold is not one to pass up As a re telling of Rumplestiltskin, this novel is haunting, poetic, and most importantly whole Out of all the fairy tales in the world, Rumplestiltskin is easily my least favorite After al

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    I LOVED this book Loved the way this retelling of Rumplestilskin was fit into a real setting, loved the way even despicable characters had their moments when we felt sorry for them, loved the magic and the mystery I loved the words, too I m living in a non English speaking country and sometimes I feel starved for words, and

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    I ve been savoring this one I mean, I read a chunk every day, don t get me wrong But if something happened to come up at night during my normal reading time, instead of muttering, Vital point, like I usually do, I was up for it.Watch a movie Sure.Clean out a few boxes from the study Let s do it Because I just didn t want this book to

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    Every possible fairytale is eventually hunted down and stripped of its elements for middle grade and YA novel reinterpretation This is not an unusual thing For centuries humans have been fascinated with such tales, telling them, retelling them, and changing them to suit current needs Nowandays, when contemporary authors take a tale it becomes t

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    Not a bad book, really, justa book that had some aspects to it that kept me from enjoying it enough to give it stars A pet peeve of mine in fiction is when a protagonist constantly makes the wrong decision in situations that might have brought about a sooner resolution Specifically, when other characters who want to and can help ask her what s wrong, an

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    This is a good book but I didn t enjoy reading it.Good writing, good dialogue, tightly woven plot, good research BUT for 90% of the book neither the reader nor the narrator know what s going on, which is 1 incredibly frustrating and 2 leads to a big info dump at the end.The time and place is unspecified which being a fairy tale, should be ok, but here I was slight

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    If there is one word that I would use to sum up this book it s intricate. I was floored to find out that this was the author s debut novel Ms Bunce is up there with the best veterans of the fantasy genre.Charlotte Miller knows her share of hardships Her mother and baby brother died, and the book starts with the reader witnessing Charlotte and her sister burying thei

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    I was hoping for a bit romance The first half 5 amazing stars view spoiler through the proposal hide spoiler

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