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The Spy Who Loved Me (James Bond, #10) He Was About Six Feet Tall, Slim And Fit The Eyes In The Lean , Slightly Tanned Face Were A Very Clear Grey Blue And As They Observed The Men They Were Cold And Watchful His Good Looks Had A Dangerous, Almost Cruel Quality That Had Frightened Me But Now I Knew He Could Smile, I Thought His Face Exciting, In A Way No Face Had Ever Excited Me Before Vivienne Michel Is In Trouble Trying To Escape Her Tangled Past, She Has Run Away To The American Backwoods, Winding Up At The Dreamy Pines Motor Court A Far Cry From The Privileged World She Was Born To, The Motel Is Also The Destination Of Two Hardened Killers The Perverse Sol Horror And The Deadly Sluggsy Morant When A Coolly Charismatic Englishman Turns Up, Viv, In Terrible Danger, Is Not Just Hopeful, But Fascinated Because He Is James Bond, 007 The Man She Hopes Will Save Her, The Spy She Hopes Will Love Her

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    This book was a disgusting piece of shit Avoid at all costs.What You want details Okay For one thing, I have no idea what possessed Fleming to write a book from a female first person perspective He is a misogynist Trying to write from a female perspective when you barely acknowledge that women are human is problematic at best.It seems as

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    I WAS RUNNING away I was running away from England, from my childhood, from the winter, from a sequence of untidy, unattractive love affairs, from the few sticks of furniture and jumble of overworn clothes that my London life had collected around me and I was running away from drabness, fustiness, snobbery, the claustrophobia of close horizons and

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    Rating 3.75 of five1977 s film, not 1962 s book, is under discussion The film is not one single thing like the book Apparently, the story was forbidden to the filmmakers, though not the title I had no idea the films were so contentious, litigious, and all around ornery to make This rewatch has been quite an education.I now know I will never be A Critic, as i

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    The Spy who Loved Me is of course the odd James Bond novel The book which is told from a female point of view, the episode where Commander James Bond is not even mentioned until over halfway through, the one which doesn t seem like a spy novel at all It s an interesting experiment, but what struck me on re reading it now was how poorly conceived and badly executed it

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    Wow This was something else A terrible, terrible something else The Spy Who Loved Me differs from all of the other Bond books, in that it s written in the first person, from the perspective of Vivienne Michel, a vivacious young lady who finds herself alone, looking after a motor lodge in north eastern America.The book falls into three sections the first looks at Vivienne s back

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    I liked this one muchthan Casino Royale This is told from the perspective of a woman named Vivian, who manages to comment on Bond s sweaty, naked chest a couple of times while getting shot at It was apparently worth the risk of getting shot just to have this view.Vivian is on a road trip after two failed love affairs when she s offe...

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    Well that was different Ian Fleming really changed things up with his 9th novel in the James Bond series Tenth book in the series if you count the collection of novelettes in For Your Eyes Only First, Fleming changes from his usual third person point of view to a first person telling of the tale Second, we don t see the story unfold from Bond s eyes but rather from Vivienne Viv Michel, a young Can

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    When I read Diamonds are Forever, I was struck by how dissimilar the movie was to the book Obviously the movies are loosely based on the books, and some areloosely based than others.This is the most loosely based ones to date.In fact, the only thing connected to the book in this case is the title.Here s the trailer from 1977 Look at all that action The skiing The guns The splosions The thingy coming out of the water

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    Not too impressed with this onetoo much soap opera for me I suppose But even after all the blood shed, violence and warnings that men involved in this sort of life no matter which side are still dangerousViv is still in love with Bond.Should I sigh here

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