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Shōgun Librarian S Note An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereA Bold English Adventurer An Invincible Japanese Warlord A Beautiful Woman Torn Between Two Ways Of Life, Two Ways Of Love All Brought Together In An Extraordinary Saga Of A Time And A Place Aflame With Conflict, Passion, Ambition, Lust, And The Struggle For Power

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    So sorry, I am not worthy of the honor of reviewing this novel If however, my Lord insists it, then I shall endeavor to offer up some humble thoughts regarding its mighty, even epic narrative Neh The scope is so vast, the characters and settings are so many, the head is liable to spin at times, so sorry But the arc it follows is like a peregrine s path through the sky long but fast and w

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    As a picture of Japanese history it suffers from what another reviewer hilariously called I paraphrase, here our round eyed western mythologized POV Which, okay it was written in the 70 s, after all.But as a story OMFG what a fucking story.I fell into this book as a teenager and didn t come back out until I d read 600,000 words and had a conversational grasp of transliterated Japanese.Three d

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    Japanese people tell me that it s all nonsense samurai were not in fact ready to commit seppuku at the slightest provocation They had a strong sense of honor, but were also interested in staying alive Well, fancy that Though I m embarrassed to admit that I believed it when I read the book I wish a Japanese author would return the compliment, and write a similarly bogus historical blockbuster abou

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    I have had this book for quite some time in my collection, probably over five years in fact and it wasn t until recently I picked it up, due to a good friend here on GoodReads who prized it as a favourite book Strangely, I d say that I have no real interest in Japan despite having read Memoirs of a Geisha and Tales of the Otori both which are set in Japan or Japanese based I think Shogun has brought me out

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    The Asian Saga the bestselling novel of feudal Japan.Oh my What an awesome book Alhamdulillah I would recommend anyone who likes to read historical fiction to read this book Inshallah I find it very fascinating to see and learn about Japanese s culture in the book.James Clavell was one of the great authors That s my opinion.My favourite characters are John Blackthorne and Lord Toranaga Shogun is one of my favou

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    Yes I read 1,152 pages of a book I liked less and less as the pages went by I could have given this 3 stars, maybe, but I was so unsatisfied with it all that I can t do it.It isn t even that it was unreadable considering its size, it was a fast read, even though I had to use some special motivational tricks in the end when I just wanted to get it over with The main problem was that there wasn t a single char

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    This is the Clavell novel that most people have read which is too bad, because in many ways, it is not his best.Which is not to say it s not very good it is It s amazing It s well, just ask anyone who s read it you ll not find someone who didn t like it But the historical anthropology of the book isn t as well integrated into the narrative as it is in, say, Whirlwind or Noble House That being said, this i

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    I ll sum up my review here in the combined edition It s than 1200 pages long and it s not long enough This book can be described with only one word amazing The first page sucks you in and keep you in the edge till the end You never know what will happen next and what awaits in the next corner Shogun showed me a new side of the world, it changed my views on many things, and made me understand just as many things I had one

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    This book struck me as the love child of Game of Thrones and Under Heaven which is tricky since this book was written in the 1970 s I imagine time travel was involved This book had the political maneuvering and fight scenes reminiscent of Game of Thrones and the wide ranging narrative and historical context of Under Heaven In this case early 17th century Japan the Sengoku Period , a time of great uncertainty and

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    Here s a book about Japan written 40 years ago by a white guy, and that means we get to play our favorite game Is It Racist And unfortunately you get everyone s least favorite answer Sortof The only really bad part is that all the Japanese ladies are like obsessed with how huge white guys dicks are, sigh The rest of it is pretty much your run of the mill Asian glorification, look how wise and noble they are, do you know the

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James Clavell, born Charles Edmund Dumaresq Clavell was a British novelist, screenwriter, director and World War II veteran and POW Clavell is best known for his epic Asian Saga series of novels and their televised adaptations, along with such films as The Great Escape, The Fly and To Sir, with Love James Clavell 2007, November 10 In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.