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When I Was You A Stolen Identity Leads A Woman Down A Dark And Desperate Path In A Gripping Novel Of Psychological Suspense By Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Minka KentAfter Barely Surviving A Brutal Attack, Brienne Dougray Rarely Leaves Her House Suffering From Debilitating Headaches And Memory Loss, She Can Rely Only On Her Compassionate New Tenant, Dr Niall Emberlin, A Welcome Distraction From The Discomfiting Bubble That Has Become Her ExistenceBut Brienne S Growing Confidence In Her New Routine Is Shaken When She Stumbles Across Unsettling Evidence That Someone Else Is Living As Her Same Name Same Car Same Hair Same Clothes She S Even Friended Her Family On Social Media To Find Out Why, Brienne Must Leave The Safety Of Her Home To Hunt A Familiar StrangerWhat She Discovers Is Disturbing Than She Could Have Ever Imagined With Her Fragile Mind Close To Shattering, Brienne Is Prepared To Do Anything To Reclaim Her Life If It S Even Hers To Reclaim

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    Go to the police, go to the police, go to the police.WTF is wrong with you Go to the police.

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    Another fast paced, not so surprising, twisty but hmm it s okay, let s meet in the middle and plan another vacation to Switzerland book The big twist was caught too early actually at the beginning by my real spider senses they re stronger than Peter Parker s, trust me too predictable because everyone was a

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    This is a light thriller The first part, which is Part 1 for Brienne, moved slower than the rest of the novel This first part last from 1% 41% on a Kindle and caused the beginning to drag It s her repeating constantly how she is scared and how she wants to confront the person who took her identity but never acts upo

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    All I want is an answer An explanation And for this to end I don t even need an apology despite the fact that it s beyond reprehensible to inflict mental trauma on someone who has already been victimized 3.5 stars rounded to 4The best advice I can give you about When I Was You is thisdespite the incredibly slow pacing at the

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    Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.DNF 40%.Sometimes you can tell right from the beginning that a book just isn t for you This was one of those times When I Was You stars Brienne Dougray, a thirty year old single woman living with PTSD after she was violently attacked

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    Rating 3.0 5.0Genre ThrillerThis is the story of a stolen identity Brienne Dougray is a survivor of a brutal attack She suffers from headaches and memory loss due to that Dr Niall Emberlin becomes her new tenant and offers her the compassion she needs in her life but disturbing things start to happen and she finds there is an imposter who is try

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    Brienne was brutally attacked months ago, and now rarely leaves home She has taken on a tenant, Niall, so that she is not alone When Brienne learns someone has stolen her identity and is living as her, Brienne has to get out of her comfort zone.Told with the alternating points of view of Brienne and Niall Brienne is not the most reliable narrator, since s

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    3 StarsThis 3 Star Thriller had some very definite 4 Star qualities but overall, I found the premise unbelievable SUMMARYBrienne is feeling pretty vulnerable after a violent, traumatic attack She is barely able to leave her house and suffers from debilitating migraines, memory loss and anxiety She lives in the giant Victorian house where she was raised by her grand

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    I read a ton of pre release books, and when I get them gratis or at low cost from publishers, I figure I owe it to my benefactors to finish them no matter what And if I ve learned one thing over many years and manybooks, it s that I m right to not be too hasty to call it quits.Such is the case with this book, which I got throughs First Reads program Somewhere around the 10%

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    This one started off okay, and really had me going about half way to three quarters of the way through But, oh no, the ending It s almost as if the author forgot this was a thriller, and switched to the hallmark channel Very sappy, and honestly quite boring.

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