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Elephants In My Room From Comedian Christie Nicholls Comes A Sidesplitting, Spirited And Whip Smart Collection Of Laugh Out Loud When You Re Not Crying Autobiographic Essays In Elephants In My Room, Nicholls Mines Her Past For Honest If Not Humiliating Stories Of Her Formative Years, Her Family, Jobs And Romantic Relationships That Are At Once Extraordinary And Absurd Whether She S Walking A Dog For Bougie Buddhists In Brentwood, Or Navigating The Terrain Of Iceland In A Car She Doesn T Know How To Drive, Or Sleeping In A Hammock All Summer Long, Deep In The Brazilian Rainforest With A Bilingual German Shepard By Her Side, Christie Finds Humor And Heart In The Most Outrageous And Routine Sometimes Foul, Always Funny, And As Sharp As A Tack, Elephants In My Room Reminds You Why Christie Nicholls Will One Day Be One Of Our Generation S Favorite Leading Ladies, Maybe Or, She Ll Move To New Zealand And Shear Sheep Who Knows

About the Author: Christie Nicholls

Christie Nicholls is a Los Angeles based SAW stand up comedian, actor, and writer After earning a PhD in Performance Studies at UCLA, Christie finally admitted that she wanted to perform herself Whether in front of a camera, or a live audience, Christie will embody any role, from traditional leading lady, to Jane Fonda, to Richard Nixon, to her original characters, to your Mom no really, she s excellent at impersonations When Christie isn t writing, or performing, or prank calling, she s playing with her daughter Vickie, her husband Weasel, and their two rescue mutts Maverick and George Carlin Or she s probably in the hot tub Yep, check the hot tub.Christie is a splendid conversationalist Start one with her at www.christienicholls.com

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    I won this Kindle book in a Goodreads giveaway and I thank the author and the publishing company.This book is a delight to read It runs the gamut of very, very funny, to tragic situations in the life of the author, s stand up comedian, actor and writer who also holds a doctorate in Performance Studies from UCLA.The book is a series of little peeks into her life, from when she was qu

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    Loved it The book has a terrific sense of place so the reader really feels like you are on the author s shoulder I got a real sense of warmth and joy from the chapter, as if I were walking in the author s shoes and experiencing the same adventures.

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    You know those people who have the ability to make everyone feel like they re their best friend Even if you just see them for a second you leave feeling happier and lighter Elephants in my Room feels like the book version of that person, if that makes sense I think it s because there s no hint of phoniness Every story, whether it s about telemarketing or a historic fart, feels so vulnerable and genui

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    This is a memoir by a young woman who has somehow packed a dozen lifetimes into her so far brief years It s a work of some kind of twisted genius, skipping back and forth through the years to land, finally on the heart of things Why we are who we are Elephants begins like a shot out from an elephant gun, detailing a childhood that begins the jungles of Brazil with Nicholl s family of admittedly brilliant assh

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    Funny, honest, and self deprecating, Elephants in My Room is a wonderful read for literary buffs looking for something different, authentic and unflinchingly honest From spectacularly failing to prey on the naivete of the elderly when pursuing telemarketing in a sexually hostile workplace, to spaghetti rocket launchers and consistently incorrect expediting when waitressing, to finding dignity in dog walking, Christie

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    Sporadic, manic, vulgarso, essentially, like life The tales range from hyper childhood antecdotes to caring for an ailing loved one and all points in between It s rambling at times, introspective at other times, and entirely heartfelt throughout Honest Yes, sometimes too much with wry humor and a deep sense of the absurd I ll admit that for the first chapter or two I wondered what I was getting into, a trial by fire that I sur

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    This was a phenomenal book The author has an exceptional memory Her ability to recall every detail of her conversations, interactions and experiences going all the way back to early childhood, must be something very few people are able to do It makes the reader start to think back to events of times past, even long ago, to try to remember memories evenclearly than currently remembered Christie Nicholls background as a stand up comic le

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    Funny Laugh out loud funny I stayed up late to finish this book then read this book in bed and woke up my husband laughing out loud I fell in love with Ferdinand I laughed until I had tears in my eyes reading about the English wedding I did not know you can be locked into an English pun and drink all night My wanderings in England were so staid Driving in Iceland I was breathless from laughing Visiting grandparents in Florida Boy, could I relat

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    Elephants in My Room is a refreshing, light read that sneaks up on you as a testament to Love, Truth and Family Yes, Christie Nicholls is funny a stand up comedian, actor and writer with a PhD in Performance Studies But what I especially liked is that her humor, combined with her compassion and strength, provides an undertow when you least expect it When she is boisterously, comically on a roll and I m thinking, Go girl she then pivots, and shows me som

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    I ve always wanted to begin a review with the word eschewing, and I think this is finally my moment Eschewing all the stuffy trappings of a typical memoir, Christie Nicholls delves into her globetrotting life story with grace, nostalgia and a comedian s perspective that all life experiences even the dark ones are brimming with comedy There s a level of detail in Nicholls recollection of her youth that s impressive in addition to her skills as a comic and writer,

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