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Gift from the Sea In This Inimitable, Beloved Classic Graceful, Lucid And Lyrical Anne Morrow Lindbergh Shares Her Meditations On Youth And Age Love And Marriage Peace, Solitude And Contentment As She Set Them Down During A Brief Vacation By The Sea Drawing Inspiration From The Shells On The Shore, Lindbergh S Musings On The Shape Of A Woman S Life Bring New Understanding To Both Men And Women At Any Stage Of Life A Mother Of Five, An Acclaimed Writer And A Pioneering Aviator, Lindbergh Casts An Unsentimental Eye On The Trappings Of Modernity That Threaten To Overwhelm Us The Time Saving Gadgets That Complicate Rather Than Simplify, The Multiple Commitments That Take Us From Our Families And By Recording Her Thoughts During A Brief Escape From Everyday Demands, She Helps Readers Find A Space For Contemplation And Creativity Within Their Own Lives.With Great Wisdom And Insight Lindbergh Describes The Shifting Shapes Of Relationships And Marriage, Presenting A Vision Of Life As It Is Lived In An Enduring And Evolving Partnership A Groundbreaking, Best Selling Work When It Was Originally Published In 1955, Gift From The Sea Continues To Be Discovered By New Generations Of Readers With A New Introduction By Lindbergh S Daughter Reeve, This Fiftieth Anniversary Edition Will Give Those Who Are Revisiting The Book And Those Who Are Coming Upon It For The First Time Fresh Insight Into The Life Of This Remarkable Woman.The Sea And The Beach Are Elements That Have Been Woven Throughout Anne Morrow Lindbergh S Life She Spent Her Childhood Summers With Her Family On A Maine Island After Her Marriage To Charles Lindbergh In 1929, She Accompanied Him On His Survey Flights Around The North Atlantic To Launch The First Transoceanic Airlines The Lindberghs Eventually Established A Permanent Home On The Connecticut Coast, Where They Lived Quietly, Wrote Books And Raised Their Family.After The Children Left Home For Lives Of Their Own, The Lindberghs Traveled Extensively To Africa And The Pacific For Environmental Research.

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    soreading this book, in places, made me long to go back to Atlantic Beach, made me go back and read my diaries of New York.I thought carefully about whether my strongly adverse feelings about this book were actually warranted or not I have decided that there is a middle ground I must take here.Here s my unabashed asses

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    This is one of those books that really will change your life, and it s one that absolutely should.Lindberg the wife of Charles Lindberg explores the necessity of not only looking inward, but of focusing on one s development in order to fully live as a person, a woman, a mother, and a wife She is especially potent when discussing

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    I absolutely LOVE this book I highly highly recommend it It is the perfect gift to give a friend sister mother or to buy for yourself to read and re read It is also a really quick read which is a nice little bonus If you want a really professional review read Lucy s I really think Lucy should become a book critic But here s what I thought

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    I ve really got to stop reading a book just based on the title and cover I love the sea and the beach During the fall and winter I go sea glass hunting North of Boston It s my second passion to books My house is filled with all types of sea shells and different shades of sea glass My husband tells me I should make jewelry when I give up my current

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    I love walking around a bookstore and picking up five or six books of varying genres that catch my eye, sitting down and skimming If I m interested I may read a chapter or two, a dozen poems, maybe even ponder buying it before I put them all back on the shelf This was number four in a stack of nine that I picked up today at Borders After skimming the introdu

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    This was a great little memoir to read With only 130 pages, it doesn t take too long to read In fact, you can read it in chapters over a long period of time and you ll have no problems following along.Most of all, I enjoyed the ideas and inspiration in this book by beingauthentic with yourself and your life To be okay with disappointment along with joy To beaware of y

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    Anne Lindbergh spent two weeks on Captiva Island in Florida, one week alone and one week with her sister, reflecting on her life and relationships She uses five shells found on the beach to symbolize her ideas She felt that women should try to simplify their lives Find time for solitude, creativity, and an inner life Have time alone with your spouse and each child for one and o

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    Okay, my favorite part of this book was the afterwards, wherein Ms Lindbergh acknowledges just how dated the book s appraisal of feminism was the book was written in 1955, so you can t blame her for what she didn t know was right around the corner still, her somewhat negative appraisal bugged me and I was relieved that she acknowledged its problems She also hints at how difficult it is t

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    I remember reading this at BYU for a class and having to do a paper on it I remember wondering what all the hoopla was about it it just didn t do all that much for me But now, some 30 years later, it had a whole new meaning for me as I truly understood and felt exactly what she was expressingIt is amazing that though this book was written over 50 years ago, so many of her observations still ring t

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    I found this audio in the bag I keep in the car It s a nonfiction account of one woman s ruminations on life while she escapes to a beach cottage for a few weeks This was written in the 50 s but much of it still feels eerily current and will resonate most with introverts The MP3 player in my car didn t like the way this disc was formatted and played the tracks out of order so I can t review this properly as

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